◤FIFA World Cup in Qatar◢ Ugly scenes ensued as Morocco fans living in Europe clashed wih riot police in Paris, Brussels, Qatar and Italy while celebrating the nation's historic semi-finals qualification..

2022-12-11 19:55

◤FIFA World Cup in Qatar◢ Ugly scenes ensued as Morocco fans living in Europe clashed wih riot police in Paris, Brussels, Qatar and Italy while celebrating the nation

Reuters reported on Saturday night that as the Morocco national team upset Portugal and became the first African national team in the tournament's history to reach the semi-finals after their quarter-finals victory at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar that day, clashes broke out between fans of the nation living in Europe and the local riot police while celebrating on the streets of Paris, France.

According to the report, after the game, thousands of Moroccan fans living in Europe who were dazzled by the victory flocked to the Friedland avenue on Champs Élysées in Paris, singing wildly and waving the country's flag. Subsequently, after the France national team defeated England, even French fans joined the celebration party, but the scene quickly got out of control, and some Moroccan fans living in Europe smashed the shops and stalled vehicles on the street, there were even people setting off fireworks everywhere.

The Paris riot police team was dispatched immediately after receiving complaints from local citizens. After they rushed to the scene, the riot police team was forced to fire multiple tear gas in order to control the order on the scene and some ot the violent fans were even had to be subdued by force.

At the same time, British media Sky Sports also reported that the same situation happened on the streets of Brussels, Belgium. Compared with the situation in Paris, after the Brussels riot police rushed to the scene and fired tear gas, the panicked fans fled in all directions, and the scene quickly subsided.

On the contrary, when the Daily Mail reported that the same scene had happened in Italy and Qatar at the same time, it was accompanied by several sad news.

According to the newspaper, at the scene of the accident in Qatar, a number of Moroccan fans who held fake tickets and caused trouble outside the stadium not only refused to be arrested by the local riot police, but even threatened the personal safety of a Portuguese woman who was watching the match with a baby.

On the other side, an unidentified 30-year-old black African male and about 5,000 Moroccan fans in Europe gathered on Corso Buenos Aires near Milan's Piazza Oberdan to celebrate the country's upset win against Portugal to qualify to the semi-finals, conflicts broke out in the crowd among several fans and caused physical altercations.

When the victim tried to intervene and mediate, he accidentally bumped into an Eastern European man. As a result, the latter pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim violently in the throat before fleeing towards the direction of the square.

After the victim was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, it was confirmed that he had suffered serious bleeding from the aorta of the neck and was in critical condition. He has been intubated urgently. However, since he did not carry his ID card with him, the exact identity of the victim cannot be ascertained.