【NBA】Bold assumptions in NBA history: Uninjured Derrick Rose and the Orlando Magic's Super Big Three!

2023-08-15 14:26

【NBA】Bold assumptions in NBA history: Uninjured Derrick Rose and the Orlando Magic's Super Big Three!

On August 15 , the American media " Fadeaway World " recently outlined a bold hypothetical picture of NBA history , presenting readers with two imaginative scenarios.

The first hypothesis raises questions about Derrick Rose's career trajectory if he hadn't been plagued by injuries. In the early 2010s, Derrick Rose emerged as the youngest MVP honor in NBA history. He led the Chicago Bulls to the top of the NBA standings and was hailed as a future superstar. However, Rose's career was decimated by multiple injuries that prevented his peak form. Assuming that Rose is not injured, he may win more MVP awards and championships, and continue to make history with the Bulls. This assumption prompts people to think about the heights that Rose's career will reach if he can reach his full potential.

Another hypothesis concerns whether the Orlando Magic would have built a superteam if they had managed to sign Tim Duncan in the first place. One of the greatest power forwards in NBA history, Tim Duncan won five championships during his illustrious career with the San Antonio Spurs. However, in 2000, Duncan almost joined the Orlando Magic. In the hypothesis, if Duncan joins the Magic and forms the Big Three with Tracy McGrady and Grant Hill, it will undoubtedly present a wonderful basketball feast for fans. This assumption reminds people of that historical moment and imagines what kind of legend Duncan, Tracy McGrady and Hill can create if they join forces.

Both bold hypotheses have changed the course of NBA history somewhat , exploring the impact of injuries and decision-making on players and teams. Although these hypotheses cannot become reality, they provide an opportunity to re-examine the past and consider the possibility of the future. Whether it is the infinite possibilities of Derrick Rose or the regret of Tim Duncan joining forces with other stars, it has become a topic of thinking for basketball fans, making people imagine a different NBA history .