2022 can be called Ronaldo's worst year! Misfortunes never come singly

2022-12-12 16:40

2022 can be called Ronaldo's worst year! Misfortunes never come singly

After the 37-year-old football legend - Cristiano Ronaldo (C Ronaldo) endured humiliation on the bench and was still defeated by the African Morocco, which was the first team in the World Cup to enter the quarter-finals, it was a pity that his fifth and last career ended world cup.

When the Portuguese team played against Switzerland and Morocco in the last two games of the World Cup in Qatar , Ronaldo didn't even get the starting lineup. But before the game, he also admitted that if the team wins, he is willing to serve as a consultant. Assist the team.

But in the end Portugal lost 1-0 under Morocco's impenetrable defense, which completely shattered Ronaldo's dream of winning the World Cup for Portugal since his 16-year career.

2022 can be called Ronaldo's worst year! Misfortunes never come singly

It is undeniable that Ronaldo has devoted too much to football. In particular, he has gone through a very difficult stage in 2022. He suffered from the death of his child in April, and then sat on the bench at Manchester United in May. Luo missed the European war for the first time in 16 years.

In July, it was frequently reported that the relationship between Ronaldo and Manchester United's new coach Erik Ten Hag had broken down, and there were also rumors that he wanted to leave the team. In September, Cristiano Ronaldo had difficulty breaking the scoring drought at Manchester United. He had been placed on the bench by Ten Hag in many games, and his career and personal performance level encountered bottlenecks.

2022 can be called Ronaldo's worst year! Misfortunes never come singly

In November, Ronaldo was expelled from the team to terminate his contract because he criticized Manchester United in an interview. As a free agent, he wandered among many teams that did not want to admit him to find his next home. In the World Cup in Qatar, Ronaldo only scored a penalty in the last World Cup of his career, and bid farewell to the World Cup in tears.

But even so, he still did not give up his dreams and goals, and gave his all for it. This is what all players should learn from Ronaldo. However, the twilight of a hero will always attract some complaints. People can't help but lament that this once glorious team led the entire Portuguese team to become the favorite of the World Cup at its peak, and at the same time created a milestone that is difficult for anyone in football to surpass.

Although Ronaldo is now bullied by dogs in football, it is gratifying that there are still many celebrities, players and fans who have never forgotten the football history he created.

The 34-year-old German player Mesut Ozil wrote an article after the game and severely criticized those fans who taunted Ronaldo. He said , "What fans need to see is Ronaldo's high-level performance and contribution in football over the past 20 years. There should be more respect for one of the greatest players in the history of the sport!"

And Ozil also emphasized, "The data of the new generation of players cannot be compared with Ronaldo, because he will always be at another higher level." He expressed respect for Ronaldo's dedication in football.

2022 can be called Ronaldo's worst year! Misfortunes never come singly

In addition, the famous Indian cricketer Vera Goli also wrote after learning of Portugal's withdrawal from the World Cup, "For any athlete, you are the one who works hard, dedicates and tries your best every time is what really inspires us. For me, you are the greatest player of all time." The article is also accompanied by a photo of Ronaldo pointing to the sky, paying the highest respect to Ronaldo.