2022 World Championship: XYG is on the mend, TTG and WB overturned one after another.

2022-12-15 14:48

2022 World Championship: XYG is on the mend, TTG and WB overturned one after another.

King of Glory 2022 World Champions Cup, the game is exciting, the result is unexpected, every player has a favorite team, has become their fan, everyone can see how strong they are, but it is a pity that when you think you are supporting a team A strong team should have gotten stronger with each battle, but who knows that there is still a mountain, and the promising TTG and WB have overturned one after another.

XYG vs. TTG. Some netizens bluntly said that the result of the match was like the Qatar World Cup in football. It was only an upset. Rather than saying that XYG reversed the impossible game and turned it into victory, it would be better to say that TTG’s performance was not as good as before. Players thought that TTG accelerated during the offseason. Fusion, the tacit understanding will be close to 100%, and they will return to the game in peak state, and XYG will win in the end.

A lot of things are caused by people subconsciously thinking that XYG's performance in the qualifiers was unsatisfactory. Maybe we have preconceived it, and it is logical to think that the level of this team will not be any better. It is impossible to win against a strong team like TTG . Unexpectedly, the weaker side is TTG, so the so-called "big upset" result will appear.

AG Status Online

To describe the AG team, I can only use these four words: the more they fight, the stronger they become. In the jungle matchup, Nuanyang was almost completely suppressed by Wei Young, WB's little Luban was abused by Yinuo's Gongsunli throughout the whole process, AG's performance in the summer game was mediocre, This time, the original team will return to the 2022 World Championships. Players dare not have too much expectations. According to the current trend of the competition, AG is definitely qualified to advance and even win the cup.