A new phenomenon in the canyon, teammates are always weaker than themselves?

2022-12-16 15:29

A new phenomenon in the canyon, teammates are always weaker than themselves?

There is a phenomenon in e-sports games. When playing games, we can't help but feel why the teammates matched by the system are always weaker than ourselves, and the gap in strength is too obvious. Qualifying matches and ranks are marks of levels. The system will match players with teammates who are close in strength according to their current data. It is obviously a 5V5 competitive game, but it feels like a 3V7, 2V8, or even 1V9 situation. Teammates are more difficult to deal with than opponents. These situations are purely normal.

Not everyone has the talent for eSports

Even if the system matches you with teammates of the same level, it does not mean that the player can perform all-around and maintain the level in every game. When you are a talented player, most games will be preconceived, and you will think that your teammates are weaker than you. Imagine In a solo queue game, a total of four unfamiliar teammates will be matched. People with this awareness, what do you think is the probability that they will meet teammates who are stronger than themselves? Maybe in the team, there are just a few people who are really close in operation, but there are really not many people who are better than you.

My own operation is limited, and I am already snickering if I don’t cheat others. Unfortunately, my teammates are not strong, so I have to bite the bullet and stand up and lead the flight. Have you ever had this idea? If you are a master playing masonry with a small account, it is natural to think that your teammates are weaker than you, otherwise the probability of your teammates being weaker than you is really not high, because the system has recorded the data and ratings of all players, unless it is an elo mechanism Mischief, but things have improved this season.

Mentality creates phenomena

In every game, players like to regard themselves as the protagonists of the game. In e-sports games , players rush forward without lack of confidence. Only with confidence can they use combos, show off their operations, and win several kills , It is often this sense of superiority that creates this phenomenon. After playing a lot of games and being experienced, seeing teammates make mistakes, they want to come out to teach and give pointers. It is a leader who tells everyone how to act. This is not Cooperating with each other requires teammates to obey.

Players will write down the mistakes of their teammates, and if they disagree later, there will be a big explosion. Every small mistake will be counted one by one. Some will choose to ignore it directly, and the other will feel that he is a perfect existence. Thoughts, isn't the teammate weakened now?

In addition, the matching mechanism of the fifth row has been expanded, and Xingyao players can team up with kings and brick players to rank. Is it normal for the rank gap to be weaker than others?