Accident, Killed Player and Brazilian Club President

2021-01-31 19:23

Accident, Killed Player and Brazilian Club President

FIFA and CONMEBOL also expressed their condolences.

PALMAS - Four players from Brazilian club Palmas died in a plane crash on Sunday (24/1) local time. The club president who was on the plane died.

Reporting from the South China Morning Post page , the plane carried the rest of the players who were separated from their team after testing positive for the corona virus. They crash because the plane crashed at the end of the runway while going to take off in the northern part of Tocatins.

Players will travel to Goiania to play against Vila Nova. The pilot who controlled the plane died in the incident.

Club representative Izabela Martins said the player and the club president left on a private plane after they tested positive for the coronavirus. Martin said that Sunday will be the last day of their isolation and the rest of the players leave by commercial aircraft.

The victims identified in the accident were the club president, Lucas Meira and the players were Lucas Praxedes, Guilherme Noe, Ranule and Marcus Molinari. No one survived the accident.

Unfortunately, the cause of the accident is unknown. Firefighters Tovatins reported that the Baron model plane was on fire and that there were two explosions from the plane.

The Brazilian Football Confederation also expressed its condolences to all the victims and Palmas. They asked for one minute of silence at the match which took place on Sunday as a sign of mourning.

FIFA and CONMEBOl also expressed their condolences through official statements on social media. Palmas plays for the fourth tier of Brazilian football competition and was founded in 1997.

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