After the strongest king is a new beginning, the master recommends the must-have heroes for the peak game. (Four)

2022-12-08 15:29

After the strongest king is a new beginning, the master recommends the must-have heroes for the peak game. (Four)

Sang Qi can protect himself, heals and controls, and his skill is like Xiahoudun's dizziness. While playing the knock-up effect, it can also restore the blood of nearby teammates. Occasionally paired with flash, it will have unexpected effects, whether it is a team battle or To catch people, all skills can come in handy, and Cai Wenji's sound waves, which are better than others, bounce among the enemies.

The reason why many players can’t play well with Sang Qi is that the biggest problem lies in their understanding of the skills of the ultimate move. Sang Qi’s ultimate move "Firefly Light" summons "Grass of Light" at a designated location, which can be released again within 6 seconds. Go to the summoned grass and gain 1 layer of firefly power. After being summoned for 1 second, the grass of light will reflect fireflies towards up to 5 surrounding heroes every 1 second. Each firefly will cause 50 spell damage or heal allies. The hero has 50 health.

Enemy units entering the grass of light will expose their vision. The grass of light will not produce fireflies when it is about to disappear. After the grass of light disappears, it will transform into a normal grass for 30 seconds. To put it simply, Sang Qi's ultimate move, the Grass of Light, is like a small spring of water. It can be placed in one's own position to restore the blood volume of teammates within the range, but it can cause damage if placed in the enemy's camp.


Which hero will be the chosen jungler in the peak game? Your guess should be the single-character name Jungle, Mirror, Lan, and Xun? Is it Han Xin with multiple displacements? Or the simple and rude King Kai? Based on the fact that the jungle is an extremely difficult position, people who are not aware enough dare not touch this position casually and dominate the rhythm of the game. If they don't know how to play, they are destined to collapse. The economy slowly fell behind, and finally came to the bottom. In less than ten minutes, I witnessed that the opposite side pushed down the defense towers one by one. There was no time for development, and the crystal was broken.

Development support and arresting people, you can’t be defeated at critical moments, and the fault tolerance rate is extremely low. Once you want to fill in the field, the whole person will panic. In this case, Agudo will be your first choice. As a blue-collar wilderness, no It requires heavy development and high economy to deal amazing damage. The gameplay is like an auxiliary jungler, relying on passive buff effects and ultimate summoning ability, and you don't have to catch people alone. The main gameplay is to cooperate with teammates to dismantle towers.

The advantage of Agudo 's jungler is that he doesn't eat money. In the mid-term, he can give up buffs and wild monsters to his teammates. He takes the lead in output hero economy.