After the strongest king is a new beginning, the master recommends the must-have heroes for the peak game. (three)

2022-12-08 15:27

After the strongest king is a new beginning, the master recommends the must-have heroes for the peak game. (three)

There are a lot of options for mages in the middle lane. When it comes to filling Nuwa, Nuwa is undoubtedly the most suitable hero. There is no burst damage like Angela in the early stage, but the matrix space of the second skill has countless uses, resisting the advancement of enemy heroes and restricting movement. , disrupt the use of the skill, causing a deceleration effect, combined with the repelling effect of a skill, knocking the enemy into the matrix space, which happens to cause double damage if it falls on the center of the skill.

In addition, Nuwa 's life-saving ability is good. Passive skills have shields and acceleration effects, which can be used to escape when triggered when necessary. In addition, each level increases, and the field of vision will become wider with the increase, which is convenient for catching the enemy. whereabouts.

The teleportation skill of the three skills can be used for support, causing dizziness after landing, and counter-attacking opponents in team battles. The big move is to deal diameter damage to the whole map for harvesting. Nuwa's combo is very simple. First use the third skill to teleport to the ground, then use the second skill to create a matrix space after controlling it, and then use the first skill to push the opponent to the position of the matrix space. opponent.

Sang Qi

When it’s the support position, it’s not recommended to use soft support like Yao if you’re not in double row or triple row. You can’t guess the strength of your teammates and the degree of fit between them. Brush the shield, make up the control and damage, and if the teammate collapses, he will give away the head, and then he will lose a lot. If you like to roam, Sang Qi is the most suitable for you. After the passive skill is adjusted, as long as the teammates approach, they can automatically restore their blood volume. The second skill can only choose grass to fly. There is a certain self-protection ability, and there is no hard control skill. Keep Sang Qi.

Many times, Sang Qi is an auxiliary hero who can disturb the morale of the army. He often goes to the wild area alone to play control, harassing the assassin to spawn monsters and develop, and finally attracts five people to chase him. Killing Sang Qi, he forgot to take good care of the pawn line and the other side's wild area, and as a result, other teammates on our team stole the tower and stole the buff. Sang Qi's healing ability is recognized, comparable to Cai Wenji, who is known as the "moving spring", and his body is hard, so he is not easy to be killed.