After the strongest king is a new beginning, the master recommends the must-have heroes for the peak game. (two)

2022-12-08 15:24

After the strongest king is a new beginning, the master recommends the must-have heroes for the peak game. (two)

There is only a single-row mode in the top game , and choosing the right hero will increase your advantage. If you are against a lane player, Lu Bu is a hero you don't want to miss. Although a large number of netizens bluntly said that this fighter has been weakened and has T0 popularity, but the winning rate is less than 50%. This situation is mainly due to the player's mistake and wrong equipment selection.

In the rating of the king's camp, Lu Bu is the only T0 confrontation road. Obviously, the strength is still the same, but it is time for players to change their thinking. With its high attack speed and blood-sucking ability, it takes only a few seconds to fill up the blood volume. No matter how fleshy it is, it is just a "charger" for the opponent. Those who use this hero should switch to the combination of breaking the army and pure sky , Only then can we make a breakthrough in the canyon, and the Lone Ranger is invincible.

genghis khan

How long have we not heard of this shooter? On the Internet, his rating is probably only "Leader of Skinless Village", and there is still only one accompanying skin. Many heroes like to mention legends, epic and limited-level skins. Genghis Khan does not even have a hero-quality skin. Not only that, Xiao Ming, the best partner, abandoned him. The S29 version chose to join forces with the descendants to score points. A "Hou Ming" combination directly replaced the "Ma Yao" combination, but all this does not mean that Genghis Khan is not strong.

Genghis Khan 's appearance rate in the passerby game is extremely low, but he is far ahead in the high-end game. It seems that only a master can appreciate this shooter. As a shooter, his mechanism is very friendly, without Yu Ji's injury-free, without Gongsunli's multi-stage displacement, self-protection ability is still first-class, the first skill can send out the vision of the flying eagle to explore the diameter, and the second skill can be placed in the grass Traps, big moves to strengthen the output, attacking in the grass, the damage is higher.

From this, it can be seen that shooters with high survival rate and output are not commonly used. In addition, the mechanism is simple, and there are few fancy displacements. In the game, there is no need for auxiliary all-weather protection. Only by surviving can they have a chance to continue to output. On the other hand, descendants This kind of blind shot, without support, will definitely be targeted by the opponent's assassin throughout the round, so there is no way to have a later stage. With the self-protection ability, it will be icing on the cake if Xiaoming is the assistant, the connection will increase the damage, and the development will be smooth and rhythmic.