Ahead of League 1 Season, Persita Rest Stadium Grass

2022-07-08 04:32

Ahead of League 1 Season, Persita Rest Stadium Grass

Liga 1 Indonesia 2022-2023 season starts on July 23, 2022.

JAKARTA -- The headquarters of Persita Tangerang's pride, namely the Indomilk Arena Stadium, is undergoing routine maintenance. This was done in preparation for welcoming the new Liga 1 season title 2022/2023.

Indomilk Arena manager, namely PT Gelora Multi Sarana (GMS), quoted from the club's official website, Monday, continues to carry out routine maintenance of the stadium. That includes resting the grass from all activities for a few weeks.

"Grass is also a living thing, they need rest. For that we carry out maintenance and replacement of some subsoil so that drainage (absorption) is much better," said Director of PT GMS Sport Center Manager of Kelapa Dua, Boyke Kartono.

According to Boyke, there are many factors that can affect the growth of Zoysia matrella grass at the Indomilk Arena Stadium. The changing weather in the Tangerang area also affects the maintenance of the stadium grass. "Moreover, when it rains with high intensity," said Boyke.

However, he said, the condition of the grass in the field has gradually improved. Especially the grass in the parts that are stepped on the most, such as in the middle of the field and in front of the goal. The stadium grass is expected to be ready to be used for Liga 1 later.

As is known, Zoysia Matrella grass, also known as Manila grass, is recommended by FIFA as grass on football fields, especially in tropical climates. Several other facilities were also repaired before the start of the Indonesian football highest caste competition.

"We also fixed some of the broken lights to be ready for League 1 later," said Boyke.

The Indomilk Arena Stadium has been used by the squad nicknamed the Cisadane Warriors since 2018. The stadium has a capacity of 15 thousand spectators.

Previously, PSSI had confirmed that the 2022-2023 Indonesian Liga 1 season would start on July 23, 2022. The tournament is planned to end in April 2023.

This was confirmed by PSSI after holding a virtual manager meeting with representatives of the 18 teams participating in the latest Indonesian League 1 season, Monday. "The 'kick off' schedule on July 23, 2022 is the most ideal time for all Liga 1 teams. We have to consider many national team agendas and others," said PSSI General Chair Mochamad Iriawan.

source : Antara

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