Among the zero krypton star skins, which one is the most worth spending 300 purple star coins on? (two)

2023-09-28 15:38

Among the zero krypton star skins, which one is the most worth spending 300 purple star coins on? (two)

The most cost-effective star skin with constant praise and undiminished popularity is, of course, Diao Chan’s Midsummer Night skin. The original skin has been online for many years, and later a star legend was added. The special effects are very top-notch, and the sales volume reached a record high. Legends, special effects and modeling are all unable to break through this star element for the time being.

Diao Chan: A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream is a direct-sale legend. The price is 1688 points. It looks like a swing under a tree, and the butterfly dance is just like a dream. The special effects have butterflies flying, which is very beautiful. When you return to the city, you can see the butterflies awakening the family in the dream. The voice is full of fantasy. , although Diao Chan has subsequently released many excellent products, such as the Dunhuang series "Meet Hu Xuan" and the competition skin FMVP's Mao Ying Fantasy, after using it for a long time, the masters still return to A Midsummer Night's Dream. Even Diao Chan's Glory Collection has attracted negative reviews. Looking back at the legend, there is absolutely no problem.

Star Legend mainly uses golden tones. After some optimization, the colors have become more vivid. In the early days, the butterfly special effects were not too conspicuous. Now they are extra eye-catching. The sea of ultimate moves has become clear and full of layers. The homepage cover and the game feel are all the same. It is a first-class one. If you are a Diao Chan player, it is definitely worth spending 300 purple star coins.

Sun Shangxiang: Future Mecha

Sun Shangxiang is extremely popular on the development path. She was once praised by players as Tianmei's biological daughter and has the highest number of skins. In recent years, Zhao Yun and Han Xin have come from behind. The hero itself is not difficult to play. The strength is more than balanced, not weak, but not ridiculously strong either. There is always a chance to play, and you will never be eliminated by the version, so you will not lose money if you buy skins.

Sun Shangxiang's mecha skin is very popular, and even the newbies are fans. After adding the star suit, the overall design and modeling are more outstanding. Green is cool, pink and blue are playful. Many players said that after changing the star, After the legend, I feel that the critical hit rate is also higher. If you like Princess Xiangxiang, you may wish to consider getting this skin.

In addition to these skins, if you don’t recharge very much, there is actually no use keeping purple star coins. There is no way to exchange for star yuan sets, so use them to buy star yuan parts or star epics. Zero krypton players should start from the event After getting a lot of free epics, it’s time to go to the store and give it a big makeover.