Among the zero krypton star skins, which one is the most worth spending 300 purple star coins on?

2023-09-28 15:33

Among the zero krypton star skins, which one is the most worth spending 300 purple star coins on?

Hello Kitty’s prayer event reminded players that they had saved a lot of Purple Star Coins without realizing it. Although they were obtained for zero krypton, accumulating 300 can be exchanged for a high-grade Star Coin skin for free. The prerequisite is to purchase the original skin. Some are skins. Treasure chest delivery, such as Xiao Qiao’s colorful unicorn. It is too difficult to obtain Purple Star Coins. You must draw a Purple Star Coin every day from the activity level, which is time-consuming and energy-consuming. You can’t dislike too many free things.

Some high-end legendary skins, I occasionally like to mention a color-changing style. Both the texture and appearance have been improved to several realms. They are much more beautiful than the original skins, but the style will cost you 300 purple star coins. I will try to save the props and props. Which skin should it be used on?

Sun Wukong: Nether Fire

This Star Legend is the first choice for players. The original skin is Hellfire. The skin has long been popular and has an excellent feel. It is the most favorite skin of Sun Wukong among most students and young players. The whole thing is very cool. The flame burning effect of the original skin exudes a domineering temperament. , full of impact, it exploded when it hit the ground, I changed it to the Star Yuan suit, the color is dark purple, but it adds a sense of mystery, the 300 purple star coins are very worth it. If you deliberately buy Star Legend, consider it carefully. After all, Monkey has more cost-effective skins for you to choose from, such as Supreme Treasure or Monkey King's Marriage. Once you have the skin, you won't rush to recharge it and go home.

Wu Zetian: Heart of the Ocean

Wu Zetian is famous for spending money. The essence of a hero is exchanged for thousands of glory crystals. How can she get special treatment for her skin? The game has been online for eight years and has only four skins, two of which were obtained through prayer draws. The Yongning Ji from the limited-time event and the Oracle of Nyx from the Glory Collection are the most expensive skins in the canyon. Wu Zetian is indeed the queen of the canyon. It's not exclusive to masters, it's true that the financial owner loves his daughter the most.

The cheapest Brave Warrior, Dongfang Invincible, is priced at 888 points, and the legendary skin retains 1688 points. The Heart of the Ocean is a bit cumbersome to use, but the star set is beautiful. The special effects and shapes of the blue ocean are all replaced by pink, and the appearance changes from A deep sea mage guard was immediately upgraded to the daughter of the Sea King who rules the ocean world, dreamy and domineering.

The shapes of the two wings are completely different. The original skin is standing on a water column, playing with water and then rising from the ground. The Star Legend skin first shows a huge waterspout spinning on the ground, and then Wu Zetian descends from the sky. The design is very thoughtful.