Assistant Conte: Inter Milan Keep Sanchez and Eriksen

2021-02-10 21:02

Assistant Conte: Inter Milan Keep Sanchez and Eriksen

Cristian Eriksen impressed in the full 90 minutes.

JAKARTA - Assistant coach Antonio Conte, Cristian Stellini reaffirmed Inter Milan's full confidence in Christian Eriksendan Alexis Sanchez. Both players have adapted very well to their new roles in the Inter squad.

Conte was in the stands at the San Siro on Saturday (30/1) night, when Inter won 4-0 over Benevento. He sits in the stands because of a two-match Italian Serie A ban for insulting the referee after his team's 0-0 draw with Udinese last week.

Alexis Sanchez came off the bench and provided an assist , just hours after he appeared close to moving to AS Roma in a loan swap with Edin Dzeko.

"I don't have much to do with the transfer market, so I can't be involved with that," Stellini told DAZN as quoted from the Italian Football website , Sunday (31/1). "All I can say, we are very happy with Alexis Sanchez, as we are with all of our players. They are all involved in the pursuit of our goals and it all depends on their attitude towards work. "

Eriksen impressed in the full 90 minutes. This is a rare opportunity. He replaces Marcelo Brozovic as a playmaker.

“I really liked his performance tonight because he adapted very well to this new role. It requires a lot of tactical intelligence. "He worked hard all week and did it for some time, taking advantage of this opportunity to play a great game," explained Stellini.

The idea, Stellini continued, was to create more wing space for Perisic and Hakimi. "Because that's where they tend to do their best. Eriksen works very hard and focuses on defensive moves, which he doesn't usually think about. We hold on to him, because he is a top level player," he explained.

Ivan Perisic joked before kick-off that the players would find it unusual if Conte didn't keep yelling at the players on the sidelines.

"The players know very well what they are supposed to do and the consistency they need over the 90 minutes," Stellini said with a smile. "Besides, they've heard Conte's voice so many times that they might be able to feel it echo in their brains tonight."

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