Aston Villa goalkeeper claims Grealish looks like Messi

2021-02-22 04:39

Aston Villa goalkeeper claims Grealish looks like Messi

Grealish is England's most talented player

BIRMINGHAM - Aston Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez praised his team-mate, Jack Grealish. He saw Grealish like Lionel Messenger on the right foot.

Martinez insists that Grealish is no ordinary midfielder. He saw Grealish's ability to dribble and destroy the opponent's defense just like what Messi did with the right foot.

"He is the most talented player I have ever seen. He never just gave the ball away. I cut the ball and saw Grealish run. I saw the shot on target or into the corner," said Martinez.

Martinez who saw Grealish from under the post was amazed when Grealish passed two or three players. According to him, Grealish is England's most talented player and it is not surprising that Grealish is a regular in the England national team.

"I like seeing Messi with his right foot when he has the ball. The opponent can't let it go," said Martinez.

Grealish not only captained the team but also took on the role of helping Aston Villa survive in the Premier League. Even though he was loaned to another club in 2013, Grealish is loyal to his team. He never switched clubs despite a lot of interest from other clubs for him.

Last summer Grealish signed a contract extension and looked for opportunities for his team to qualify for the Europa League. On the other hand, Aston Villa is also approaching the captain to extend his contract.

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