At the end of the season, S29 is recognized as the best fighter.

2022-12-14 15:17

At the end of the season, S29 is recognized as the best fighter.

There are about three weeks left in the S29 season, and it is about to end. There is not much time. Players who have not won the mark of the king must hurry up. The best top scorer was introduced in the last few issues, and it is the turn of the fighters in this issue. The version is constantly updated, the strength of fighters is greatly increased, there are more and more side laners, and the competition is fierce. Everyone is vying to play the confrontation lane. It broke out in the later stage, but the fighters win because they can resist and fight. Let's take a look at the fighters who are recognized as the best in the S29 season.

Lu Bu

Many players said that Lu Bu was eliminated this season. The development cycle is strong, and the version is accelerated. It is shocking to be counter-killed. In fact, Lu Bu still has the popularity of T0. It is not so much that Lu Bu's strength cannot keep up with the version, it is better to say that players will not change their thinking and change their gameplay for him.

The second skill can absorb shields. After being enchanted, slashing the enemy will restore blood. It is a big move to control the group. It has a strong ability to start a group first. The frankness is already good, but it is not recommended to play full meat outfits this season. Half meat outfits may be used later. It has a good effect. If the lineup allows, the full output equipment is the best choice. If the army is combined with the pure sky, it will definitely win the pentakill on the field.

Xiahou Dun

Xiahoudun is a tank fighter. His advantage lies in his ability to deal real damage and restore blood. He is under full control. His second skill has a shield effect, and his big move has a powerful body displacement. It can be seen that his attributes are very comprehensive. The effect of team battles is surprising. Like the hero of the Hundred Towers, it has a strong ability to start the team first. It is suitable for teammate to gank people. After the full level and full load in the later stage, the frankness is amazing, and it seems invulnerable. You don't want to mess with Xiahou Dun. Taking damage and absorbing skills are the key gameplay of Xiahou Dun, which also makes him the most stable fighter in the top score.


As a veteran fighter, the mechanism is very simple and easy to use. Everyone says that you can’t get into the elegant hall. There must be no role for Arthur in the high-end game. After reaching the 30th star of the king, you can see his figure everywhere, passive blood recovery, The battery life is extremely strong, one skill accelerates for oneself, plays a silent effect, and the support ability is extremely fast. After reaching the full level, Arthur has almost no CD for his first skill, and keeps brushing his skills. The half-meat suit has high damage resistance, and also has the ability to kill in seconds. There are not many nemesis, and the top score is stable.