Barito Putera extends Bayu Pradana's contract for three years

2021-02-22 08:41

Barito Putera Perpanjang Kontrak Bayu Pradana Tiga Tahun

Bayu has shown his loyalty despite the many offers from local and foreign clubs

JAKARTA - The management of Barito Puteraresmi binds the senior player of Bayu Pradan with a contract extension for three years because his loyalty remains in the Laskar Antasari uniform despite being tempted by a number of other Indonesian League 1 contestant clubs.

Quoted on the club's official website, Friday (12/2), Bayu Pradana is a long-term plan for the team made by Djadjang Nurjaman. His experience on the pitch will help Barito guide their youth squad.

"I hope that three senior players, Rizky Pora, Adhitya Harlan, including Bayu Pradana, can finish their career at Barito Putera. Bayu has shown his loyalty despite the many offers from local and foreign clubs but is willing to stay for Barito Putera," said CEO Barito Putera Hasnuryadi Sulaiman. .

Hasnuryadi even put high trust in Bayu Pradana to continue serving with the team from Kalimantan along with other senior players, namely Rizky Pora and Adhitya Harlan, hanging up his shoes.

Hasnur also guaranteed that the three of them will be given a place in the Laskar Antasari squad if they retire as soccer players and place him as a coach for young players in the academy.

"After that I hope these three players can continue to the level of coach. Like Frans Sinatra, Salahudin, Ismairi, and Yunan Helmi. My hope is that they can become the next generation, to work hand in hand to handle teams from the Elite Pro Academy (EPA) to seniors. ," he said.

In line with that, Bayu Pradana appreciates the contract given by the management of Barito Putera. Moreover, Laskar Antasari did not hesitate to offer him a long duration contract.

"Certainly happy because Barito Putera is still given his trust in the next three years. Hopefully we can contribute more for Barito, ”said the 29-year-old player.

Asked about the offer to retire at Barito, he admitted that he would not rule out that he would continue to wear the yellow and yellow uniforms if management still gave him confidence.

"Regarding retirement in Barito, just do it first. If I can afford to retire at Barito, I will certainly be ready," he said.

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