Bobotoh regrets the dissolution of the competition

2021-01-27 03:02

Bobotoh regrets the dissolution of the competition

Herru is pessimistic about the league because until now the only problem is the permit.

BANDUNG - PSSI's decision to dissolve the League 1 and 2 2020 season competitions has not been welcomed by a number of parties. One of them is from Persib supporters, Viking Persib Club.

Chairman of the Viking Persib Club, Herru Djoko, admitted that this decision was not only taken from the PSSI point of view. However, Bobotohdia regretted the dissolution of the competition.

"As Bobotoh, it is a shame that yesterday he was above (the standings). Yesterday he got it with great difficulty, with careful preparation. Then we were at the top of the standings, but that's okay, accept it," Herru said, Friday (22/1).

Persib has only played three games. However, Persib has never lost and is the only team to have won the first three matches of League 1 2020. However, that record was in vain.

Herru admitted that he wanted certainty about the new competition immediately. Even though he couldn't come to the stadium, at least he wanted the players to be safe from Covid-19 until finally the stadium was opened again to spectators.

On the other hand, Herru said he was still pessimistic about the 2021 League 1 because until now the only problem was the police permit. He understood that the police had many considerations making it difficult to grant permission.

"Everything is for the benefit of the people, for the sake of the people. If I really believe in the capacity of the National Police as the licensor, it will certainly not be arbitrary," said Herru.

Herru also believes that sooner or later the police will give permission for the competition to resume. "Do not force it, the consideration must be mature. We are waiting because we are aware of the situation," he explained.

Herry advised that Persib, especially players, remains strong in facing trials. He hopes that Persib's management can make something that can reduce Bobotoh's longing for Persib. "Now is the era of social media, it can be optimized, certainly I hope a lot for management breakthroughs to treat Bobotoh's longing," he said.

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