Coach Teco hasn't decided on a replacement for Diego Assis

2021-08-01 07:03

Coach Teco Belum Putuskan Pengganti Diego Assis

Diego Assis has just ended his partnership with Bali United.

JAKARTA - Bali United coach Stefano Cugurra has not yet decided on a replacement candidate for Diego Assis. The Bali United foreign midfielder has just ended his collaboration with the Tridatu Army squad.

Diego while at Bali United played to strengthen the midfield, including in the 2021 Menpora Cup tournament, and the Tour de Java which was held last June. "Regarding the substitutes, we from the management are still waiting for news from the team management," said Coach Teco, as he is known, quoted from the club's official website, Friday (30/7).

After being left by Diego Assis, the Brazilian coach has yet to make a promise to replace the midfield in his team. This is not without reason, considering that this year's League 1 competition is still vague and unclear.

"Hopefully the competition will start soon for this year so we can have a chance to play," he said.

So far, Teco and his squad are still waiting for news of the implementation of the highest caste competition in Indonesia. What is clear, after the owner of the back number 34 is left, one foreign player quota slot, Serdadu Tridatu, is still wide open.

Regarding Diego's departure, Teco acknowledged that it was the best decision for both parties, namely Diego and management in the midst of the uncertainty of the competition. "This is a decision on the agreement of both parties between Diego and management. He only appeared in the Menpora Cup and also the Tour De Java a few months ago," said Teco.

Previously, the management of Bali United announced that it had officially ended its collaboration with Diego Assis Figueiredo. "(Bali United) management together with Diego Assis have mutually agreed to end the collaboration," said Bali United Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Yabes Tanuri.

source : Antara

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