"Counter Strike 2" is officially launched! Weapon maps and other major renovations.

2023-03-31 15:26

"Counter Strike 2" is officially launched! Weapon maps and other major renovations.

Previously, the new work about "Counter Strike 2 " was uploaded hotly on the Internet. After celebrities broke the news, things got out of hand . The news, I never thought that the official would be very cooperative, and simply threw a shock bomb, and officially announced that "Counter Strike 2" will be launched during the 17th season of the ESL Pro League, which scared the players too late to respond. surprise.

Don’t look at the title of the game as “CS 2”, and think it is a new work of the “Counter Strike” series. The actual studio just transferred “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, that is, “ CSGO ” to the source 2 engine. , just like Dota 2 back then.

Engine porting, of course, game content updates are indispensable. It is said that the smoke effect will be greatly changed and replaced with the deformation of the surrounding environment. For example, if the player throws a smoke bomb into the channel, the thick smoke will follow the shape of the channel and spread to the empty space. Even the height and position will affect the direction of smoke diffusion.

Not only that, smoke grenades can also interact with bullets and grenades. In the new version of " CS 2 ", as long as the player shoots a bullet into the smoke, the place where the bullet passes will disperse for a short time. The effect is determined by the player's weapon. The faster the number of strafing shots, the better the effect Obviously, if a grenade is thrown directly into the smoke, the smoke will disperse immediately after the explosion, and the field of vision will immediately become complete. It can be seen that the gun battle in the game is more realistic than "Counter Strike".