Data and Facts about Frank Lampard's Chelsea career

2021-01-31 11:29

Data dan Fakta Kiprah Frank Lampard di Chelsea

Chelsea officially fired Frank Lampard.

LONDON - Frank Lampard's collaboration with Chelsea has just ended. Management removed the 42-year-old from the Blues head coach chair.

Not an easy decision. That's according to the statement of the club owner, Roman Abramovic. But policies have been made. It is interesting to look forward to how the former Derby County architect's career continues.

Very short time Lampard at Chelsea. He was unable to quell the club's habit of changing tactics. The living legend is also a victim. Lampard followed in the footsteps of Antonio Conte, Jose Mourinho, and Carlo Ancelotti.

According to various sources, here are some data and facts about Lampard's start to finish at Chelsea. The context is in the world of coaching.

On July 4, 2019 ...

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