Dear Bonek! Persebaya Finally Headquartered in Surabaya

2021-02-10 05:16

Dear Bonek! Persebaya Finally Headquartered in Surabaya

Dear Arek-Arek Bonek! Persebaya Finally Headquartered in Surabaya - The Surabaya City Government (Pemkot) held a coordination meeting with the ranks of the State Attorney and several legal experts from Peradi, discussing the issue of land and building assets on Jalan Karanggayam No. 1 or Wisma Karanggayam.

The meeting, which was chaired directly by the Acting Mayor of Surabaya, Whisnu Sakti Buana, was held in the Surabaya mayor's courtroom, Friday (29/1/2021).

After the meeting, Whisnu explained that there were three discussions being discussed at the meeting. The good news from the meeting is Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium (GBT) and Gelora 10 November can be used by Persebaya for matches, even training.

"But it must follow the requirements stipulated in the Surabaya Regional Regulation (Perda), including the rent. But one thing for sure, Persebaya already has a homebase in Surabaya, so it won't be confused anymore if you want to compete," said Whisnu.

Regarding Karanggayam, there has been a lot of input, both from the prosecutor's office, Peradi and the city government team itself. One of them is that it is possible for Persebaya to rent in Karanggayam with the clause of prior peace, so that Persebaya has to withdraw the lawsuit before the lease.

"So we can do the lease as requested by President Persebaya from the start," he said.

In addition, there is also input from the prosecutor regarding the concept of build-to-deliver or BOT (build operate transfer). For this concept, Persebaya is given the right to build Karanggayam and its fields for a certain period of time. After the time is up, it is handed over to the Surabaya City Government.

"There were a lot of suggestions that could be used, so we can convey this to Persebaya," he said.

Therefore, Whisnu confirmed that he would invite Persebaya, including the President of Persebaya Asrul Ananda to discuss these three things together. In fact, he admitted that he would immediately invite Persebaya.

"As soon as possible we will invite, sit together, have a good coffee together. Hopefully there will be a meeting point for Persebaya and the Surabaya City Government. I hope that next week there will be a meeting point, so we can immediately finish it," he concluded.

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