Emery: We are confident at home

2023-12-09 14:15

Emery: We are confident at home

Aston Villa, which has previously defeated defending champion Manchester City, will face the "Gunner" Arsenal at home in the 16th round of the 2023/24 Premier League season. Aston Villa coach Unai Emery said that this is another huge challenge, but also said that the team will face the challenge with confidence at home.

After a goal contributed by Leon Bailey, Aston Villa defeated Manchester City 1-0 at home in the last round of the league and moved up to the Champions League qualification position with 32 points in the standings.

When talking about the team's current position in the standings, Aston Villa coach Emery said, "We can wait until the 30th or 32nd game. If we are still in the top four at that time, then maybe we can We can consider ourselves a contender for that position. We have to be happy and focused now. The previous game is over and we enjoyed the moment at Villa Park with the fans, but now we have to focus 100 per cent on tomorrow. game. It’s going to be another big challenge and a great moment.”

"My challenge every day is to be better today than yesterday and to be better tomorrow than today. I don't stop and I have to stay balanced. We played well against Manchester City but I want to try Take some steps forward from what we're doing now and I think the team has to get to that level."

Emery said, "It will be difficult, but we can remind ourselves that in the previous game against Bournemouth, we drew the opponent when we were very close to losing. This is balance. Tomorrow's game will be difficult, But we feel confident about our home ground and feel really good about the structure and the supporters at Villa Park and the energy we have there is amazing."

In addition, Aston Villa's opponent Arsenal defeated Luton 4-3 earlier and successfully consolidated its first place in the standings. Emery said, "I will analyze how to deal with this game in depth, and hope that our performance individually and collectively will be very good. How we ended the game before is very important, because the team has paid an amazing amount for this effort and hardship.”

"If you want to play at this level and play against the best teams in the world in the Premier League, it's going to be a very difficult challenge."