Establishment of a Legal Umbrella for Supported Supporters

2021-02-11 08:32

Establishment of a Legal Umbrella for Supported Supporters

That's because so far supporters are considered only as an object of sport.

JAKARTA - Various circles feel that it is time for a legal umbrella for supporters to be made to ensure safety and comfort for supporters in watching sports matches.

This was revealed in the Talk Campus Football Webinar held by the Faculty of Economics and Business UTA'45 Jakarta in collaboration with PaguyubanSuporter Timnas Indonesia.

As an organization that strives to create a legal umbrella for supporters, the Indonesian National Team Supporters Association (PSTI) believes in the importance of this to protect the rights of Indonesian supporters. That's because so far supporters have only been considered the object of sport.

"So far, supporters have only been the object of profit, but if there is an incident that causes casualties, the supporters are blamed. For that we need a legal umbrella that regulates this matter, including forcing all stake holders to educate at the grassroots so that supporters have the same perception that there is something greater than rivalry and even football, namely humanity, "said the Chairman of the Indonesian National Team Supporters Association PSTI) Ignatius Indro, Saturday (30/1).

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the UTA'45 Jakarta Education Foundation, Rudyono Darsono, said that supporters cannot be separated from football, especially in Indonesia which is very fanatical. "Football supporters in Indonesia are known to be fanatical, for that we have to reflect on countries whose football has advanced how they treat their supporters. I think the legal umbrella must be made, "he said.

Vice Rector II of UTA'45 Jakarta Brian Matthew also supported the establishment of the supporter's legal umbrella so that Indonesian supporters will be more mature in facing any situation. "Legal umbrella for supporters is very important to protect the rights of supporters. For example, how to manage supporters if the Indonesian league rolls back during the pandemic," said Brian.

Chairman of Commission X DPR RI Syaiful Huda said that supporters have entered into the draft revision of the Law on the National Sports System although there are still differences in perceptions among members of the council in the discussion. "I personally am a supporter of the issue of supporters being included in the chapter of the National Sports System Law, because supporters are an important part of sports, for that I invite PSTI and other elements to oversee the discussion in the council," said Sayaiful Huda.

Meanwhile, Chairman of PSSI Mochamad Iriawan, said that currently, PSSI has formed a support division to empower supporters and the legal umbrella issue will be discussed there.

"We have formed a Supoter Division led by Budiman Dalimunte. Because we consider these supporters a serious problem. And everything will be discussed there," he said.

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