FA Cup - Disappointed with result Arteta: We could have done more

2023-01-28 08:11

FA Cup - Disappointed with result Arteta: We could have done more

"Gunner" Arsenal was in a focus match of the FA Cup in the 2022/23 season. After being scored by his opponent in the second half, he was finally eliminated by the defending Premier League champion Manchester City 0-1. After the game, Arsenal coach Arteta also shared his views on the game.

Arsenal coach Arteta said in an interview with the media, "I am really disappointed with the result of this game. I think we could have done more in this game, but the details determine the result of the game. This is A very intense game, even a small detail is enough to change the form of the game. For me, we can handle the ball in the penalty area better than usual."

"We didn't lose to Man City on the field"

During Arsenal's game against Manchester City , Manchester City star Alvarez took a long shot from outside the penalty area in the 64th minute but hit the post and bounced. , allowing Ake to seize the opportunity to shoot the ball into the far corner and score, helping Manchester City take a 1-0 lead.

In the following time, Arsenal could not equalize the score or achieve a go-ahead, and was finally eliminated by Manchester City 0-1 at the Etihad Stadium.

Arteta also said, "We also encountered many important moments in the game, and the team also showed a lot of positive aspects, but I still think the team can adopt more competitiveness and compete with the opponent on the field. Confrontation. In fact, it is really difficult to beat Manchester City, but we don't lose them at all on the scene."

"In big games you have to make a difference and that's how you win games."