Fifa's decision on the new Club World Cup met with strong opposition from all sides

2022-12-18 17:05

Fifa's decision on the new Club World Cup met with strong opposition from all sides

A decision made by FIFA not long ago has caused widespread doubts. That is, FIFA President Infantino announced at the FIFA Congress held not long ago that a brand new event will be born in world football in 2025, which is the revised " Club World Cup ". The number of participating teams in the Club World Cup will be expanded to 32 , and FIFA will make every effort to make this event the "World Cup" in club competitions.

FIFA's move is obviously to increase revenue, not just focus on the four-year World Cup.

However, the tasks of each team are already very heavy. In addition to the league, European wars and domestic cups, players also have to deal with national team games. If another 32 -team Club World Cup is added, it will make the situation of each team worse, and there may be a large-scale injury wave due to too dense a schedule.

Major European leagues are basically opposed to this decision. According to the "Daily Mail", they refused to approve Infantino 's plan for the new Club World Cup at the board meeting held by the European Club Association. annoyed.

In addition, the Premier League expressed its opposition to the proposal given by FIFA. FIFA's actions will negatively impact player interests, fan experience, pre-season preparation and quality of competition. Premier League officials also called on FIFA to ensure that its decision will not have a fundamental impact on the interests of professional leagues and players.

Carragher, a famous football player in England, also commented on FIFA. He said that this decision is as absurd as holding the World Cup every two years. Infantino always has such strange ideas. Players need more rest, and doing so is no different than treating them like horses.