Frank Lampard's promise before being fired by Chelsea

2021-01-31 14:23

Janji Frank Lampard Sebelum Dipecat Chelsea

Chelsea officially fired coach Frank Lampard.

LONDON - Chelsea officially fired coach Frank Lampard. Lampard's dismissal statement was conveyed via the club's official website.

The Blues management insists that what happened was not an easy decision. The owner and the Board of Directors are trying to find the best solution.

"We thank Frank for what he has achieved in his time as head coach of this club. However, the results and recent performances have not lived up to the club's expectations. The club is in the middle of the board with no clear path, and continuous improvement," said a club statement. said Monday (25/1).

Chelsea insist there is no time to part with legends like Lampard. But with various considerations, policies must be made as soon as possible.

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