Glory of Kings: The winning rate of single row is higher than that of double row?

2023-06-03 14:37

Glory of Kings: The winning rate of single row is higher than that of double row?

The peak game is forced to be played by one person. The qualifying match is divided into several matching modes. Players can choose single row, double row, three row or five row to rank. Most players with many friends choose three row or five row, which is convenient. Communication during the battle, in order to prove their level of strength, some players choose to rank up in a single row and do not rely on anyone to lead them. Points, only solo ranks have gold content.

Confidence is causing trouble. In the past, players would rather find friends to hack, the purpose is only to get into the high-end game, and they don’t care what others think, but now more and more players agree with the single-row mode, and feel that it is easier to score points than double-row , Obviously, the lack of a familiar virtuous helper will increase the difficulty of the game. Why do you think it is more difficult to win in a team of two?

The strength of the two is similar, but it does not mean that the teammates are of the same level

You actually agreed to form a team together to start a gangster. Obviously the level is close, but don’t forget that this is a five-player game, and the system has to arrange three more teammates for you. Maybe the two of you are similar in strength, but it doesn’t mean that the other three are at the same level. current rank. If the teammate's level is only a little better than the current rank, in this case, if you play double row , the probability of winning will be greatly reduced.

According to the matching mechanism, if you choose duo, there will also be duo opponents on the opposite side. It is absolutely impossible to have five solo players. The situation will be 3+2, or 2+2+1, duo with three, or Play the game with a queue of players. In the current Glory of Kings, the double-row team is generally used to lead people to score points. There must be one player among the two whose strength is far beyond the current rank. Usually, the shooting assistant combination or the field assistant combination is used to advance to the rank. Simply put, It means that the great god descends to earth and brings the rookie to the top.

Double row is easy to match the big opponent

On the other hand, in your own team, the strength of the two is about the same, and the other three are only a little bit better. As the saying goes, one Zhuge Liang is better than three cobblers, and the master with points is almost as good as one against five. It's going to be amazing. There was one player who was a rookie, could it be that the player who was taken away happened to be a flaw? The answer is no.

They always use dependent supports such as Yaomei or Xiaoming, follow the master all the way, occasionally throw skills, and they are like a tiger with wings added to the opponent. Without him, they are still a ferocious tiger. It is almost a common phenomenon to be a master of double row and group matchmaking. On the contrary, there is no one to say who is better in single row, and everyone is about the same level.