Gradient list of professional shooters announced. (two)

2022-12-18 15:42

Gradient list of professional shooters announced. (two)

There are three T0 shooters, and Sun Shangxiang is just one of them. The next one to be announced is the hero Gongsunli. Everyone knows how superb Gongsun Li's displacement is. With an umbrella in hand, she can fly around, and all three skills have displacement functions. Although she has been weakened twice by planning, how can the displacement mechanism not please professional players?

The official weakening of Gongsunli still does not hinder the players' love for her, because this shooter does not need to rely too much on equipment to increase output. Movement is a skill she does not lack. The player's high-end operation immediately increases Gongsunli's upper limit. It is easy to learn, but the advantage lies in its strong mobility. Professional players can easily control it, dodge left and dodge right, fly into the sky and escape from the ground. Gongsunli is everywhere, making sure that you don't have a single skill to hit her.

Three levels of displacement, the movement direction makes the enemy unpredictable, has the flying skills to resist the attack, and the control of the ultimate move, the player who likes the second person loves Sun Shangxiang the most, and the player who likes the flexible movement, Gongsunli is a must. The Yinuo of the AG Super Play Team has played Gongsunli to the fullest and won many highlight moments in professional competitions. As long as you learn Ah Li, it is not a problem to score.

Di Renjie

The representative of explosive power is Sun Shangxiang, the flashy shooter is Gongsunli, and the shooter with changeable outfits and strong adaptability is none other than Di Renjie. This shooter has an average appearance rate in the passerby game, but he is one of the top scorers in the World Champions Cup. His figure can be seen everywhere.

Di Renjie's biggest advantage lies in the purification of the second skill, immune control, self-protection first-class, and at the same time he can play control, and the basic attack is very smooth. In addition, his outfit is very flexible, with magic ball flow, attack speed flow, blood-sucking flow, etc., to hit ideal damage and ensure his own survival rate. Does not have any movement skills, but in the early stage, there is no need to move and shoot inferiorly in the line. There is no pawn line to grind the tower. In the later stage, team battles only rely on moving behind the back to fight output silently, and defeat the enemies one by one. Di Renjie, who is at the full level, has considerable damage from basic attacks.

Will these three T0 shooters happen to be your natal heroes? Sun Shangxiang, Gongsunli and Di Renjie are all officially marked as T0 shooters, and their strength is recognized by professional players. Passers-by games are used to score points, and they can get the mark of the king you want before the end of the season.