Grizzlies Morant suspended 8 games by NBA for gun incident

2023-03-16 14:04

Grizzlies Morant suspended 8 games by NBA for gun incident

Memphis Grizzlies player Ja Morant was investigated by the NBA for a live broadcast in early March in which he held a gun in a nightclub. Recently, the league announced that Morant will be suspended for 8 games.

At present, Morant has missed 5 games, and as long as he misses 3 more games, Morant can return to the game. A few days ago, Morant and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver have met and discussed the matter.

Then the league issued a statement, saying: "Jia's behavior is reckless, irresponsible and very dangerous. Considering that he has a large number of young fans and influence, it may lead to serious consequences. He also expressed his own behavior. Sincere confession and self-blame. Jia made it clear to me that he has learned from this incident. He understands that his responsibilities and obligations to the Memphis Grizzlies and the entire NBA go far beyond his performance on the court .”

Morant also accepted an exclusive interview with the news media afterwards, confessing that he made a mistake, but he said that the pistol he was holding at the time was not his.

Grizzlies Morant suspended 8 games by NBA for gun incident

"I used to have no idea what was at stake," Morant said. "Now that I have alone time, I finally understand everything."

Morant sincerely apologized to everyone, including the league, teammates, family and himself, and expressed that he would seriously repent. When the reporter talked about Silver, Morant revealed that Silver not only encouraged him to get out of the incident, but also told him what needs to be done better.

In the end, Morant admitted that even if he holds a gun, it does not mean that he is a violent person, saying: "I will show everyone the real Morant, what kind of person I am, and let everyone change their views on me."