In the high-end game, Yao and Monkey King sit in charge, and in the low-end game, Dian Wei is named the God of War. (two)

2023-03-31 15:20

In the high-end game, Yao and Monkey King sit in charge, and in the low-end game, Dian Wei is named the God of War. (two)

The monkey has always taken the simple route. The second skill can be used by teammates to jump, quickly approach the heroes in the back row, and even avoid all the mines and vision released by the shooter, such as Baili Shou's vision device, Huang Zhong's shells, etc. The first skill It can be used as an initiative skill, immune to the control of mages, and the ultimate skill is suitable for squatting. As long as the ultimate move is passive, an opponent will take four blows in total. Hit damage, in actual combat, with few shortcomings and high strength, it has become a must-use jungler for players to score.

The two are master exclusive heroes

Everyone needs to score fast and stable. Dongfang Yao and Sun Wukong are indeed the best choices. Unfortunately, these two high-intensity junglers need time to train. One needs to practice good displacement skills, and the other needs to pay attention to the rhythm of clearing the jungle. The unique skill of the master is exclusive, but the difficulty is too high, and you who are low-level, have no time to train for the time being. If you want to be stable soon, you have to choose an easier jungler. Who is the candidate in everyone's mind?


Dian Wei is a "simple and rude" showman. He doesn't want to worry too much. Dian Wei guarantees that you can use it comfortably. His biggest criticism is "wild field syndrome". Finally successfully cured. In the early stage, you don’t need to pay attention to defending the wild area. You can grow in the wild with peace of mind. As long as the development is stable, it will bite people like a mad dog in the middle and late stages. The equipment is formed, and with the high attack speed, each cut can deal more than 2000 crit damage. Tanks may not be able to withstand it either.

In addition, a skill comes with release control and acceleration, so the controlling mage will not pose any threat, and can immediately rush to the opponent and slash wildly under control. The price of Dianwei's simplicity and ease of use is the lack of displacement skills. The ultimate move seems to be displacement, but the distance is limited, and the target can only be jumped.

If the opponent has a sharp eye and knows how to observe the map, pay attention to Dian Wei's whereabouts, and not let him approach, and everyone dodges, you will see the embarrassing scene of Dian Wei running around in circles. Not all players like to play the peak game, some are still in the strongest rank, hoping to accumulate more stars, so you might as well practice this Dian Wei, who is low in difficulty and excellent in strength, and it is not difficult to score.