In the high-end game, Yao and Monkey King sit in charge, and in the low-end game, Dian Wei is named the God of War.

2023-03-31 15:18

In the high-end game, Yao and Monkey King sit in charge, and in the low-end game, Dian Wei is named the God of War.

In a blink of an eye, the king came to the end of the season , and with about a week left, he was ready to change the season. The official also began to preview the content of the new season, such as double buff superposition, auxiliary equipment revision, new equipment launch, etc. These seasons have been slow Strengthened with fighters, the S31 season once again focused on auxiliary equipment, using equipment to improve the functionality of auxiliary heroes. At the end of the season, the situation is stable, and players who are at the same level are finally willing to score points. The question is, did you choose the right hero to score points?

The two protagonists of the jungle

Dongfang Yao and Sun Wukong are the two leading actors of this season. There are constant topics and discussions. Everyone is talking about how strong these two junglers are. They are even used to compare the strength of the two. Who is the real strongest? As a jungler, later data analysis showed that Dongfang Yao is the real son of the version, and he is a must-have jungler in high-end games. He is the leader in battle, and the wild-core Sun Wukong is relatively inferior. weak.

Yao high-end game is the strongest

Yao 's advantage lies in fast wild clearing, passive self-recovery, high overall battery life, high defense, not afraid of the enemy's anti-jungle in the early stage, the hero itself has multiple displacements, fast support speed, can retreat completely when encountering an ambush or team battle, and has no blue bars , the mechanism is flexible, when the equipment is formed, the damage is full, and it can kill the crispy skin in seconds. As long as you know the economy, you can suppress the opponent.

Sun Wukong ranks second

As for Sun Wukong's winning rate in all divisions, it hovers around 50%. Obviously, but this season has been helped by the official to eliminate all difficulties and solve most of the problems. The economy of the wild area has been increased, the speed of monkey clearing the field has been accelerated, the lanes have been changed reasonably, and the shortcomings of heroes have been reduced.

The monkey mechanism has many movements, and it can be called a monkey with agility. It uses jumping and hitting sticks to kill opponents. Fortunately, a skill has its own immune function. It can be immune to all control and damage for a short period of time, up to five seconds, and then generates a shield, so it automatically The protection ability is very good, and the survival rate of heroes is high, but more attention should be paid to the development problem. It will take a long time to recover the economy and get back to the original rhythm.