It is difficult to score points at the end of the season when ranking and training heroes.

2022-12-03 15:02

It is difficult to score points at the end of the season when ranking and training heroes.

The King of Glory S29 season has entered the second half. At the end of the season, some friends still have not won the mark of the strongest king, and they suddenly feel panic. Is there any hope for the skin in the next season? For the limited skins of next season, no matter what, we have to work hard to reach the high-end game. Today we will discuss why it is difficult to score at the end of the season?


First of all, not only the Xingyao game, which is close to the king, is affected, but also the low-end diamond game. Occasionally, players will shirk responsibility on the matching mechanism. Feimengxin, as a five-player team competitive game, no matter how good the performance is, even if the professional players come down, they may not be able to fight five and lead four rookies.

Masonry Fried Fish

The increased difficulty of the masonry game is actually related to the champion players. Most of the strongest players, peerless players, and even players in the glory of the king rank have already succeeded in the middle of the season. They are idle and bored without any adjustments. Going back to the past "fish frying", wearing a cute new mask, using the king's operation, beating opponents in low-end rounds, seriously affecting the game experience.

Ranking is difficult, and sometimes it may not be related to the matching mechanism. After all, the matching system of the S29 season is obviously optimized. A large number of players said that they usually team up with players who are close to the level. The biggest criticism may be the high-end players. I have no goals, and I no longer pay attention to winning or losing in qualifying matches. Matchmaking is not difficult, but I don’t want to use my own hero to affect my winning rate. It will be boring to use the same hero over and over again. Why not take the opportunity to practice heroes.

Qualifying into practice

After the game fails, players can check the information of their teammates by themselves, and will find that their common heroes and hero win rate are very different from their performance in qualifying , and the heroes they use are completely different. Hero, unfortunately, when you encounter such a player, the official can't do anything. The system does arrange a player of the same level for you based on the data, but your teammates are not good enough.

Everyone succeeded in the challenge at the beginning and middle of the season, and it was not difficult to rank up with the heroes who returned to their lives. At the end of the season, some unscrupulous players decided to interfere with other people's ranks, using the qualifying as their own practice field. The official wants to deal with it, and I'm afraid it can only raise the bar for the proficiency of heroes in qualifying.