King of Glory: The jungle gradient is released at the beginning of the S33 season (2)

2023-09-28 15:26

King of Glory: The jungle gradient is released at the beginning of the S33 season (2)

Giant's Grip is Cao Cao 's core equipment, with the highest priority. It can increase the speed of clearing the field. The cooldown of the second skill and the effect of the third skill require frequent basic attacks. The Boots of Resistance are used to reduce the control time. You can change the equipment later and revive the armor in advance. , use it and then buy Pure Sky, use the active skill and then change it to a famous sword, the prerequisite is that you have enough money.

The biggest upset in the S33 season was Pei Qinhu. No one thought that he would transform from an unpopular hero to a wild king. You must know that this hero did not receive any adjustments. Without any surgery, the winning rate exceeded 57%. The strength Not inferior to Zhao Huaizhen before he was weakened. The S33 version is more friendly to Pei Qinhu. It is not difficult to understand that he found a way to adapt to the latest gameplay and thus rose to prominence.

The fat tiger trend is prevalent. In the early stage, you should go against the jungle with your teammates.

Pei Qinhu is very strong in the early stage and is most suitable for counter-jungling. Before taking action, consider whether the team has lane rights. If your teammates can come to support in time, even if there is a jungle protection mechanism, the opponent will not be able to do anything to you. If the counter-jungle is successful, Split up and farm in a square order. In other words, get the blue buff, then jump over the wall and run to farm the red buff.

At present, the "Fat Tiger Style" is prevalent, and the equipment is mainly meat-based equipment, including Giant's Grip, Boots of Resistance, Doomsday, Ice-Scarred Grip, Dreamcast·Wind Chaser and Shadow Battle Ax. Pei Qinhu players must pay more attention to the energy in the human form. Many players fail because they do not know how to allocate energy, which often leads to insufficient energy. When using the second skill, it is best to ensure that there is a target nearby and recover energy through basic attacks.

Once upon a time, the peak T0 was downgraded, and the Dianwei mechanism was embarrassing.

There are two new jungle kings in the T0 gradient, and the rest of the changes are not big. Jing and Zhao Huaizhen were weakened and dropped to the T1 gradient. Li Yuanfang was upgraded and became one of the members. The remaining junglers were all in T2, the weakest jungler. The representative characters of T4 include Yun Zhongjun, Zhao Yun, Baili Xuance, Xie, and Tachibana Ukyo. Please pay attention and avoid them if possible.

Dian Wei's situation is the most embarrassing. After the redesign, his winning rate plummeted. The passive control turned him into a T3 jungler. The passive and output mechanisms fit well. Warrior heroes must take damage before they can stack passive. But Dian Wei is a player who specializes in instant kills. Ye, after buying a meat suit, the output is not enough. It has no movement and it is difficult to get close to the target. Now it gives you a chance to get close, but it does not give you damage to kill the opponent. Do you think this wave of redo is contradictory?