Lampard's Message For Chelsea Fans

2021-02-02 22:05

Pesan Lampard Bagi Penggemar Chelsea

Lampard is forever a Chelsea legend.

LONDON - Frank Lampard finally spoke up after his dismissal by Chelsea. He delivered a statement through the League Managers Association on Monday (25/1) evening local time.

Just under two years in charge, Lampard was sacked for defeats in five of their last eight Premier League games. This made Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich make a difficult decision.

"It is a special opportunity and a great honor to be able to manage Chelsea, a club that has become a big part of my life," said Lampard as quoted by the London Football website in his statement, Tuesday (26/1).

"First I want to thank the fans for the incredible support I have received over the last 18 months, I hope they know what that means for me," said Lampard.

Lampard admits he knows what tough challenges he will face when he accepts the offer to lead Chelsea. He also admitted that he was proud of all the achievements he had made with the team and appreciated the players who graduated from the Chelsea academy.

"They are the future of the club. I am disappointed that I did not have this kind of time. A season to take the club forward and take it to the next level," said Lampard.

Finally he also thanked Abramovich, the board of directors, players and coaching staff who have worked hard to help him. He also prayed that the team would be successful in the future.

Thomas Tuchel's name went out as a substitute for Lampard. The name is also familiar to Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. Because Tuchel replaced Klopp at Borussia Dortmund in 2015.

Klopp can't wait to meet Tuchel again. According to him, Tuchel will give a new color to Chelsea.

"He is a fantastic manager. You can really see the impact, he has changed the style of play, the way he plays, different formations and other things," said Klopp.

Klopp admits Tuchel has a good organization on the pitch. It is also evident from the people who have worked with him and respect Tuchel's figure.

"We do our job too and you need to have the right tools at the right time, and Thomas has," said Klopp.

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