List of AC Milan Players Back Number 9 (1)

2021-01-26 05:04

List of AC Milan Players Back Number 9 (1)

players with the number 9 jersey often get the spotlight

MILAN - The owner of the jersey number 9 is not as popular as the player with the number 10 jersey. However, the player with the number 9 jersey often gets the spotlight for playing the role of the second striker.

Planet Football compiled a list of 11 AC Milan players from the worst to the best.

At number 11, there is Alessandro Matri, who joined the team since 2007 for 11 million euros. However, Matri mostly moved to Cagliati and Juventus.

He only scored one goal in 18 appearances for the team and ended up on loan frequently. But he has often scored the winning goals, including netted the winning goal in the Coppa Italia final while defending Juventus in 2015.

At number ten there is Fernando Torres, who joined the club on loan in 2014. But unlike the Premier League, Torres often struggles to be at the San Siro.

The former Spain national team player scored just one goal in seven games in Serie A before finally moving to Atletico Madrid in January 2015. Though Torres admits he has high expectations which he has failed to fulfill, however, his relationship with the club remains good.

"I went to Italy to play, to be an important player, and I never felt like that. I was in and out of the team, I played one day, yes, and another day, no. This is not what I was talking about from the start, "said Torres.

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