List of AC Milan Players Back Number 9 (2)

2021-01-26 06:10

List of AC Milan Players Back Number 9 (2)

players with the number 9 jersey often get the spotlight

MILAN - In ninth place there is Mattia Destro, who was a topic of conversation for choosing AC Milan over big Premier League clubs such as Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea. He moved from AS Roma on loan for six months in early 2015.

He scored three goals in 15 appearances in all competitions. Until finally the public was shocked again because AC Milan chose to return it instead of buying it permanently.

At number eight, there is Luiz Adrian, who joined in 2015 from Shakhtar Donetsk. Unfortunately, he could not give the same appearance as during his career in Ukraine. He only scored six goals in 29 appearances in the first season.

The Brazilian player then chose the jersey number 7 in the 2016/2017 season. Unfortunately he failed to improve his performance because he failed to score in seven games and decided to move to Spartak Moscow on a free transfer in January 2017.

In the next sequence there is the Alexandre Patoyang which has the Golden Boy label. Joining AC Milan with the number 7 jersey, he then suffered an injury.

The forward then got the jersey number 9 after Philippo Inzaghi decided to retire in 2012. However that did not change his appearance as he only recorded two goals in seven games.

He was labeled the worst Serie A player in 2012 and chose to return to Brazil to join the Corithians in January 2013.

In sixth place, Gianni Comandini joined AC Milan after leaving Vicenza. Comandini struggled with an injury that cost him only 18 appearances before being sold to Atalanta in 2001. He made an impression as two of the three goals for the club came in the Milan derby.

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