Loss to Saudi Arabia is turning point for Argentina

2022-12-14 11:07

Loss to Saudi Arabia is turning point for Argentina

Argentina's loss to Saudi Arabia in their first World Cup match was a turning point in the dressing room, coach Lionel Scaloni said on Tuesday, allowing Argentina to bounce back to win five games in a row and reach the final .

" After our loss to Saudi Arabia, the love and support we felt from the fans, the whole country and our people was fantastic because it gave us the strength and energy we needed to recover," Scaloni said in Argentina 's sweep The opponent later told reporters. World Cup semi-final 3-0 Croatia.

" I try not to get emotional, but it's difficult because I'm in any Argentine's dream land. Representing my country is an emotional thing.

"Then you can win and lose, but it's about these players and our people. They lose with us all the time, which is something I've never experienced."

rise again

Unknown Saudi Arabia won 2-1 on November 22 , delivering one of the biggest shocks in World Cup history .

But Argentina is on the rise again, thanks to 35 -year-old standout Lionel Messi , whose fifth and final quest for the only major trophy that has failed to land him has been involved in his ball. Eight of the 12 goals the team scored in Qatar .

Scaloni said he has no doubts that Messi is the best player of all time. "For me, it's been amazing and exciting to watch from the inside. To see him train, lead the locker room. Every time I see him, he generates something, sparks in his teammates and people. Not only for the Argentine. Fortunately for us, he was wearing our colors," he said .