Manchester City face Arsenal in Premier League: It will be a completely different game

2023-01-28 09:35

Manchester City face Arsenal in Premier League: It will be a completely different game

"Blue Moon" Manchester City defeated 1-0 at the Etihad Stadium in the fourth round of the 2022/23 English FA Cup (top 32) today, after Grealish assisted Ake to score the goal Arsenal, coached by Arteta, successfully advanced to the last 16 of the FA Cup.

After the game, Manchester City coach Guardiola said in an interview with the media that he did not think the result of this game would have much impact on the Premier League held at the Emirates Stadium in mid-February. Guardiola also believes that the two teams will change tactics and even some players.

Guardiola said, "This is not the Premier League, this is another game. After defeating Chelsea and Arsenal in the first two rounds, we are looking forward to the next game. It will be a completely different game at the Emirates Stadium, Mir Ke (Arteta) doesn't rotate much in the Premier League."

"It's time to rest for a few days until the next game and get ready for the Tottenham game. The FA Cup is a big game and we're satisfied. But game after game, When we go to the next round, people will forget about the previous results."

"It was a tense and difficult game"

When asked about Manchester City 's feeling against Arsenal in the FA Cup, Guardiola said, "It was a very tense and difficult game. We all know what quality the opponent has. Minutes out, the second half was actually better. When Bernardo and Walker came on, it was a lot better, and it was the same with Alvarez."

"I didn't expect them to be playing one-on-one, which made it more difficult. Ortega played well, so we relied more on Haaland in the second half."

In addition, Guardiola also particularly praised Arsenal's performance during the interview. "They're a good team, otherwise they wouldn't be where they are. They're aggressive and they know what they need to do. They've got a lot of control over the details, so we have to Much better in defense and set-pieces."

"Arsenal saw what we could do, we saw what they could do, and maybe we can change things, especially with the players."

Guardiola also pointed out, "This is a good victory, let us look forward to the next round of the game together."

As for Stones leaving the game due to injury, Guardiola speculated that it may be a hamstring problem. "He wasn't ready today and I saw that in the first minute. Maybe he was tired and when that happens you get hurt."

Manchester City currently ranks second in the Premier League standings with 45 points, 5 points behind leaders Arsenal. In mid-February, Manchester City will play away against Arsenal in the league.