Mou: Lampard's dismissal is proof of the brutality of modern football

2021-02-02 23:23

Mou: Pemecatan Lampard Bukti Brutalnya Sepak Bola Modern

The Portuguese coach was fired by Manchester United and Chelsea.

LONDON - Jose Mourinho said, the dismissal of Frank Lampard by Chelsea, as evidence of the brutal management of modern football. Lampard was sacked after 18 months in charge, having won just once in the last league match in the Premier League. This result left the Blues 11 points behind Manchester United at the top of the ranch.

Mourinho, who is the manager of Tottenham Hotspur, admits that he is always sad when a colleague loses his job. Moreover, he continued, Lampard was not just a fellow coach, but also an important figure in his career. `` So I am very sad that he was fired. But that's the brutality of football, especially modern football, '' said Mourinho, quoted from Sky Sports , Tuesday (26/1).

So, Mourinho said, when someone becomes a coach, they know that sooner or later they will experience the same thing as Lampard. Moreover, Mourinho knows very well the feelings Lampard was fired when the season was only halfway through.

This is because the Portuguese coach was fired by Manchester United in December 2018. The former Real Madrid coach was later replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as interim coach, before being appointed as permanent manager at the start of the 2019/20 season. Mourinho broke free from the world of football for a year, before becoming active again when he accepted Tottenham's offer.

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