Moyes: Rooney's decision to retire and become a coach is right

2021-01-25 08:06

Moyes: Keputusan Rooney Pensiun dan Jadi Pelatih Sudah Tepat

Moyes is the figure who launched Rooney when he was 16 years old.

LONDON --David Moyes talks about Wayne Rooney retiring as a footballer and becoming a permanent coach at Derby County. The West Ham manager admitted that he had known Rooney since he was a young player and child.

Moyes is the coach who launched Rooney when he was coach of Everton. He then reunited with the No. 10 when he joined Manchester United in 2013.

Therefore, it is not unusual for Moyes to call Rooney an extraordinary player. Moyes is amazed by the ability of the figure who is familiarly called Wazza as a young man and what he has been able to do since the age of 16.

"He got his debut and continued it, and was Manchester United's top scorer, England's top scorer, so he's had an extraordinary career," Moyes said, quoted from the official West Ham website, Saturday (16/1).

According to Moyes, Rooney's decision to retire was right, because he thought the former DC United player had seen a future in his career as a manager. Although Moyes thinks the best players are not always successful as the best coaches. However, Rooney's love for football, his passion and attitude, could bring success to the former Manchester United captain.

However, Moyes did not want to provide input for Rooney. According to him, if he saw his own career when he stopped playing and became a coach, he would seek input and help when he needed it.

'' But be yourself and Wayne can definitely be like that. He's going to enter a completely different world now, '' said Moyes.

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