Mustafi's father refused Arsenal's termination of his contract

2021-02-04 19:18

Ayah Mustafi Tolak Pemutusan Kontrak oleh Arsenal

Mustafi's father wants his son to remain at Arsenal until his tenure ends.

LONDON - The father of Shkodran Mustafi refuses an offer to terminate the contract by Arsenal against his son. He wants Mustafi to remain at Arsenal until his tenure ends.

The player with the German passport will become a free agent in June this year. However, the Gunners' management intends to end cooperation this month.

This made Kujtim Mustafi, the child's father and agent reject Arsenal's plan. According to him, an agreement must be reached by both parties.

"We have a contract with Arsenal until June 30, 2021. There are no plans to end the contract right now," he said as reported by Tribal Football , Tuesday (26/1).

On the one hand, it is claimed that Arsenal do not want to make Mustafi the main choice of the London Cannon squad. This season, he has made only three appearances in the English Premier League.

In response to this, Kujtim Mustafi opened the opportunity for his son to leave the Emirates Stadium in the transfer market this summer.

"In fact, Shkodran will leave the club at the latest in the summer," said Kujtim Mustafi, quoted from Transfermarkt .

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