[NBA regular season] Harden 28+12 Embiid 38+12+5; Philadelphia OT beats the Lakers

2022-12-10 12:00

[NBA regular season] Harden 28+12 Embiid 38+12+5; Philadelphia OT beats the Lakers

On December 10, the NBA regular season continued, with the 76ers playing against the Lakers at home . In the end, the 76ers beat the Lakers 133-122 at home.


With Harden's recent return and Davis recovering from the flu, all star players from both sides will play in this campaign. In addition to the strong confrontation between two popular teams, this game also has many topics, such as the reunion of Harden Westbrook, um The direct confrontation between Peed and Davis, these factors will also determine the outcome of the game.


In the first quarter of the game, Embiid opened the scoring and scored 4 points in a row. The two teams drew several times. Walker and Reeves each scored three points. The Lakers led 12-8. Most of the 76ers' points were scored by Embiid. At 4 minutes and 11 seconds, he broke through and scored a layup. However, as Davis' three fouls left the field to rest , Embiid made an offensive effort, scoring 9 points alone, and Harris also contributed 7 points. They teamed up to play a 16-0 attack wave, and the 76ers led 24-12 . With Embiid's three-pointer at the buzzer before the first quarter whistle, the 76ers ended the first quarter 31-20.


In the second quarter of the game, Westbrook led the team to counterattack from the bench, and Reeves also contributed 6 points. They led the team to a 14-0 counterattack wave. The Lakers led the team by 1 point 34-33 and stopped the 76ers. Reeves became a surprise player. He attacked consecutive baskets to help the Lakers overtake the score. At 6 minutes and 21 seconds, he broke through and scored a layup. The Lakers took a 40-38 lead. At this time, he also scored his 11th point in the individual game. In the second half of this quarter, the 76ers suddenly rained three-pointers. Harden, Melton, and Harris hit four consecutive three-pointers. All of them responded from the mid-range shots. The 76ers ended the second quarter with a 7-1 counterattack wave. They entered the halftime break with a 61-59 lead by 2 points.


In the third quarter, Harden made sudden passes to help his teammates create space. Embiid also played a deterrent force at the basket. Melton lived up to expectations. At 7 minutes and 15 seconds, he hit 2 consecutive three-pointers to stop For the Lakers, the 76ers lead by 9 points at this time. Reeves stopped the bleeding with a three-pointer. He led the team to recover 7 points. Melton scored another three-pointer. Embiid scored 4 points with a penalty shot. The Humans lead 90-79. Davis returned to the court and the Lakers' offense still did not improve. Spurs hit back with a three-pointer. Davis and Reeves joined forces for 4 points, but then Harden and Embiid led the team to suppress the Lakers and ended the first game with a 93-83 lead. 3 knots.


In the fourth quarter, Milton and Harden teamed up for 9 points. They led the team to play a 9-1 attack wave, and the 76ers led 102-84. After the Lakers suspended, Davis fouled and made four free throws. He and LeBron recovered 7 points, and the Lakers trailed 91-102. Entering the decisive moment, Davis seemed to have found the best dominance last week. He played consecutive offenses. He completed the cooperation with Westbrook at 6 minutes and 43 seconds, narrowing the point difference to 9 points. But Embiid didn't give up much, and responded with continuous offensive and defensive performances to help the 76ers stabilize the situation. James and Westbrook played consecutive defensive counterattacks. The Lakers once narrowed the point difference to 5 points and stopped the 76ers. At the critical moment, Melton made another three-pointer, Embiid made two free throws, and the 76ers led by 9 points. Melton came back from a timeout and immediately scored a three-pointer in response, but the Lakers finally completed consecutive steals and counterattacks, and the 76ers sent 3 free throws at critical moments. Although Reeves missed the chance to equalize with 2 of 3 free throws, Davis made a mistake Steal and send the Lakers 2 free throws, and Davis made 1 of 2 free throws in a dramatic play, and the two sides entered overtime .


After the start of overtime , the Lakers fell into a scoring drought, and Westbrook could only make consecutive shots. They failed to score 1 point in 4 minutes, and the poor offensive Lakers fell into a passive position. Harden scored 5 points and led the team to a 9-0 spurt. The 76ers led 129-120. The Lakers violated the offense in 24 seconds. Harden was fouled for a three-pointer and made all three free throws. The 76ers led by 12 points. Beverly made a layup and Harden made a free throw. In the end, the 76ers took the initiative to accept the game and defeated the Lakers 133-122 .