[NBA regular season] Irving 33+9+5 Durant 29+9+8 Nets beat Hornets

2022-12-08 17:52

[NBA regular season] Irving 33+9+5 Durant 29+9+8 Nets beat Hornets


On December 8, the NBA regular season continued. The Nets played against the Hornets at home . With the outstanding performance of Irving and Durant, the Nets narrowly beat the Hornets by a score of 112-118.


In this campaign, Ramello Ball and Hayward of the Hornets continue to be absent, and Simmons of the Nets has not yet returned . Seth Curry also left the game at one point due to injury, but then returned.


At the beginning of the first quarter, Durant opened the scoring and helped the Nets score their first point. Plumlee responded with a three-pointer, Clarkston completed a dunk, and Durant dunked successfully. The Nets started with a hot hand and played a 10-2 spurt. The Hornets, who lacked a core, were not to be outdone. At 6 minutes and 37 seconds, Washington scored a layup, and the Hornets and the Nets scored 15-16. At 7 minutes and 45 seconds of the first quarter, Irving quickly counterattacked with the ball, stepped on the Hot Wheels, and changed hands in the air to complete the high-flying score. The entire offensive process was completed in one go. In the next round, Owen continued to break through the inside line, and under the siege of the three, he still changed hands in the air and scored a layup. In the last minute, Seth Curry hit a three-pointer to help the Nets lead 36-25. With Durant making a mid-range shot at the buzzer, the Nets ended the first quarter 38-28.


In the second quarter, Irving led the team to an advantage, sending out 3 consecutive assists in the opening game, quickly stopped the Hornets, and led 47-30. Back from the timeout, Rozier made a three-pointer, and Irving also made a mid-range shot. At 6 minutes and 19 seconds, Seth Curry continued to make shots. At this time, the Nets had expanded the score difference to 20 points. But the Hornets did not give up at this point, Oubre and Rozier led the team to continue to narrow the point difference. At 1 minute and 54 seconds before halftime, Irving forced a layup against McDaniels' block and then made a layup. After halftime, the Nets led by 18 points and entered the next quarter.


In the third quarter, the Hornets played a more active counterattack. At 8 minutes and 04 seconds, McDaniels made a three-pointer, and the Hornets narrowed the point difference to 13 points. The two sides felt hot, hit consecutive shots, and the score rose alternately. Rozier broke through and made a layup with his left hand, and Owen directly followed and sent a cap. Owen then used his personal ability to grab points continuously, allowing the Nets to stabilize the situation, but Rozier and Maledon began to exert their strength at the end of the quarter, and the Nets' offensive slowed down a bit. four quarters.


In the last quarter of the competition, with the onslaught of Oubre and Rozier, the point difference was only 4 points. At 6 minutes and 28 seconds, Rozier hit a three-pointer. At this time, the Hornets have narrowed the point difference to only 2 points. The Hornets continued to chase points and caught the Nets by surprise. Irving took the lead to stand up. He scored 6 points with shots and penalties, and finally stabilized the situation. At 1 minute and 07 seconds, Rozier scored a fast break layup, once again narrowing the point difference to 2 points. At the end of the game, the score difference was only 1 point. Durant's death came and hit a three-pointer. In the last 44 seconds, Owen made a foul and withstood the pressure and made 2 free throws. In the last 13.7 seconds, Irving suddenly sped up and hit the free throw line with an emergency stop, killing the game directly. In the end, the Nets narrowly beat the Hornets 122-118 .