[NBA Regular Season] Lillard 40+12 Jokic 33+10+9; Nuggets narrowly beat Trail Blazers

2022-12-09 14:05

[NBA Regular Season] Lillard 40+12 Jokic 33+10+9; Nuggets narrowly beat Trail Blazers

The 2022-23 NBA regular season continues , with the Portland Trail Blazers playing against the Denver Nuggets at home . In the end, the Nuggets narrowly beat the Blazers 121-120, stopping their three-game losing streak.


In the first quarter, Jokic made consecutive tip-ups and throws, and the Nuggets took the lead. Gordon responded with 6 points, Grant, Hart and Winslow joined forces for 6 points , and the Blazers led 20-13 with 5 minutes and 25 seconds left in the first quarter. After that, the two teams started a tug-of-war. For the Blazers, Gordon scored another three-pointer, Lillard and Hart countered with 5 points, Grant dunked + three-pointers consecutively, Nurkic also made a layup, and the home team Slightly has the upper hand. Entering the latter part of the quarter, Lillard also hit a three-pointer to activate the personal attack account. But the Nuggets are quite tenacious. At the end of the first quarter, as Jordan made a tip-up, the Nuggets temporarily fell behind 30-33 after the single quarter.


In the second quarter, Murray and Hyland teamed up for 5 points, and the Nuggets trailed 39-41. In the middle of this section, Lillard reappeared and hit a three-pointer again, but soon the Nuggets teenager Hyland returned the color with a three-pointer with a step back. They led the team to play a 10-0 counterattack wave . The Nuggets took a 53-48 lead 5 minutes before the game. Jokic made a breakthrough throw, Gordon also made a dunk, and for the Blazers, Nurkic scored a layup. The Nuggets trailed by 1 point 63-64 at halftime.


Changing sides to fight again, Lillard scored 5 points in a row shortly after the start of the third quarter . He led the team to a 7-0 spurt, and the Trail Blazers led by 8 points 75-67. On the Trail Blazers side, Nurkic succeeded in attacking the basket twice, and Hart also hit the net with an alley-oop layup. After that, Lillard began to stand up to take over the offense. He hit a jumper again and scored two consecutive three-pointers. The point difference once came to 9 points. Pope, Green and Jokic teamed up to recover 5 points. Lillard kept his touch and hit 2 more three-pointers. The Trail Blazers took the lead again. Jordan and Green scored 5 points to catch up, Eubanks hit a jumper, Grant made two free throws, and the Trail Blazers led 99-89 by 10 points at the end of the third quarter.


In the last quarter of the competition, Jamal Murray and Hyland made three consecutive three-pointers, and the Nuggets closed the gap. Then Jokic returned and hit a 105-104 lead. After that, the two teams competed extremely fiercely. In the last 3 minutes, Jokic and Lillard were one by one. With Jokic assisting Pope to hit a three-pointer, the Nuggets went ahead 114 to 112, but Lillard returned one. With a super long three-pointer, the Blazers took the lead again. In the last minute, Murray made a mid-range shot, and Simmons made another mid-range shot, still 1 point behind. Lillard attracted the defense and assisted Anfernee Simmons to make a jump shot. At this time, the Blazers led by 1 point, the Nuggets suspended, and there were 28.6 seconds left in the game. Returning from the timeout, Murray stepped back and made a three-pointer! In 0.2 seconds, the Nuggets narrowly beat the Blazers 121 to 120 ! The Nuggets ended their 3-game losing streak!