[NBA regular season] The Heat narrowly beat the Rockets 111-108, and the Heat won two consecutive victories!

2022-12-16 19:57

[NBA regular season] The Heat narrowly beat the Rockets 111-108, and the Heat won two consecutive victories!

News, December 16th , the NBA regular season is in full swing, the Heat beat the Rockets 111-108 in the away game , the Heat successfully won 3 consecutive victories, and the Rockets ended their 2 consecutive victories.


At the beginning of the first quarter, Williams scored a layup, Adebayor scored from the basket, Martin scored four points in a row, Porter scored a layup, Green made a dunk, and Butler made a tip-up. With 3 minutes left in the first quarter, the Rockets led 24-15 . Green scored four points in a row and Green scored 2+1 . Gordon hit a three-pointer to tie, Hiero made two free throws, and the Rockets' Martin Jr. broke through and dunked. After the first quarter, the two sides battled to a 31-31 tie .

The second quarter continued to play, Robinson scored 7 points in a row and led the team to a 9-0 spurt, Butler and Highsmith each scored 3 points, Martin scored 2+1. Shin Kyung scored 4 points in a row, Hiro hit a three-pointer. Gordon of the Rockets made another three-pointer, but the Heat's offensive continued unabated. Butler made a tip-up and Smith made another three-pointer. Butler succeeded in consecutive singles, and Fernando barely added points for the Rockets. At the end of the second quarter, the Heat led by 14 points 66-52.

The fierce battle continued in the third quarter. Green scored 5 points and led the team to counterattack 9-3. Green made both free throws and Green scored 2+1. Hiero hit a three-pointer and Porter scored a layup. Butler scored 3 points and successfully led the team to fight back with 5 points and opened again. At the end of the quarter , the Heat's offense suddenly misfired, and the Rockets counterattacked quickly to narrow the point difference. At the end of the third quarter, the Heat led the Rockets 86-85.

Before the quarter started, the Heat's Dun Luo and Martin also hit three-pointers one after another. Hiro scored two three-pointers in a row, Shen Jingqiang scored and Martin made two free throws. The Rockets made consecutive shots, and Hiero led the team to take another 3 points to expand their advantage. Robinson made two free throws, Butler scored a layup, Strus scored five points in a row, and Robinson made a tip-up. Hiro missed a jumper, and the Rockets requested a timeout with 12.7 seconds left. Porter missed a three-pointer and the rebound was awarded to the Heat. At the end of the fourth quarter, the Heat narrowly beat the Rockets 111-108 .

Both sides start

Rockets: Porter Jr., Jaylen Green, Gordon, Shin Kyung, Jabari Smith

Heat: Herro, Butler, Martin, Haslem, Strus


Records of both players

Heat: Hiro hit 10 three-pointers and scored 41 points, Butler 20 points , 10 rebounds , 7 assists , 4 steals and 3 blocks, Coleb Martin 13 points, Struth 12 points , 4 rebounds and 5 assists

Rockets: Jaylen Green 22 points and 5 rebounds, Porter 21 points , 7 rebounds , 5 assists and 4 steals, Jabari Smith 15 points and 11 rebounds, Gordon 12 points, Shen Jing 12 points and 5 rebounds