[NBA regular season] The Lakers and Pistons will usher in a strong showdown, who will be better?

2022-12-12 19:17

[NBA regular season] The Lakers and Pistons will usher in a strong showdown, who will be better?

News on December 12 , the NBA regular season is about to usher in a fierce duel, and the Lakers will face off with the Pistons! Let's take a look at which one is more powerful and has a higher winning rate!

Head-to-head record between Lakers and Pistons:

In the last match between the two sides, the Lakers successfully defeated the Pistons by 7 points


The Pistons have a record of 7 wins and 21 losses this season , temporarily ranking fifteenth in the Eastern Conference. During this season, the Pistons averaged 109.6 points per game, 116.8 points conceded per game , 42.5 rebounds per game , 21.9 assists per game , and 3.9 blocks per game . Due to the injury problems of the Pistons' stars, the Pistons currently lack stability, and the offensive and defensive lineup is still under construction. It is worth noting that the main player Lang Cunningham has been absent due to injury for a month. He played 12 games this season and scored 19.9+6.2+ 6.0 . His absence will undoubtedly have a lot of impact on the Lakers.


The Lakers have achieved a record of 10 wins and 15 losses this season , temporarily ranking thirteenth in the Western Conference. The Lakers lost to the 76ers in the last game and suffered a 3- game losing streak. This season, the Lakers averaged 114.5 points per game, 116.3 points conceded per game , 45.4 rebounds per game , 24.5 assists per game , and 5.0 blocks per game . James recently returned to the battlefield to lead the team to win three consecutive victories. It is worth noting that Davis played very well, and his contribution to the team's winning streak cannot be ignored.


The strength of the two teams is equal. Davis of the Lakers is one of the key figures for the Lakers to score. On the contrary, the Pistons are still in the process of construction and adjustment. With the Lakers' home court advantage and the team's lineup and stability, The Lakers are even better.