Official: Real Madrid star Miguel Angel suffers from ALS

2022-12-18 15:53

Official: Real Madrid star Miguel Angel suffers from ALS

Real Madrid issued an official statement confirming that the 74-year-old former team goalkeeper Miguel Angel suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ASL).

"We send all our strength and emotion to one of the greatest goalkeepers of our history - Miguel Angel," Real Madrid said. "Our thoughts are with his extremely close family during his battle with ALS, and together with Hertha we share more of the strength and overcoming spirit that he has demonstrated over time."

Miguel Angel was born in Spain in 1947 and is one of the legends of Real Madrid. Angel was signed by Real Madrid in 1967 when he was playing for CD Ourense, and he made 308 appearances for him and kept 115 clean sheets in the next 18 years. All his honors were obtained while playing for Real Madrid, including 2 UEFA Cup, 7 La Liga, 4 Copa del Rey and 1 League Cup.

Angel retired in June 1986, at the age of 39. Subsequently, he continued to stay at Real Madrid in various capacities.