One month has passed since the battle of King Shu, and the King finally emerged victorious. (two)

2023-09-19 14:14

One month has passed since the battle of King Shu, and the King finally emerged victorious. (two)

In the final analysis, this battle broke out because of the King of Glory . With the help of the hateful people, Dawn Heroes became cannon fodder for no reason. I thought it was a miracle from the sky, and I was determined to rely on a wave of traffic to operate the game well, but fate played a trick. It is not a new habitat for players who have retired from the game, but a spiritual transition period. Due to planning, the server is frequently expanded to optimize the game environment.

Heroes of Dawn lose without fighting

Some players feel that Dawn of Heroes is too pitiful. In Honor of Kings, players can return to the game just by changing the matching mechanism. On the other hand, Dawn of Heroes tried its best to make the game better. After a while, everyone left, leaving only silence. Do you remember it? A lover can't forget the story of his ex. No matter how much he pays, he can't keep his heart. After careful analysis of the military situation between the two sides, the actual outcome of this battle was already determined before it even started.

A MOBA that has been around for nearly 8 years, versus a small brand that has been around for 4 years, who do you think will win? What's more, there is a big company like Tencent behind Honor of Kings. What's missing is not money. Comparing the interface design, operation logic, sense of attack, feel, game mechanism design, etc., Honor of Kings is far superior to Dawn Heroes by several times. Honor of Kings is catching up. trend, but the popularity of Heroes of Dawn is still at the previous level of 2017.

The function of King is more than just games

The essence of Honor of Kings is more than just an ordinary game. Its popularity attracts more cute newcomers to make friends and find partners. The low-end game is about socializing, and the high-end game is about games. With tens of millions of players or more, do you think everyone is interested in it? Are you serious about gaming? The matching mechanism is annoying, and perhaps only the King Planner is unaware of it. Now that he is aware of this problem, he will also make in-depth optimizations in the S33 season and push it to a new level again. The culture and style of painting inside are full of charm, Hello Kitty linkage, KPL The summer season is over, and we are now actively preparing for the Asian Games and another 8th anniversary celebration. The activities and popularity of this game have not stopped at all.

In the final analysis, autonomy lies in the hands of players. No one forces everyone to play the game. Even if Heroes of Dawn is sincere in retaining people, it does not mean that players have the patience to plan and slowly progress into the glory of the king today. This is the reality of society. , now that the matter has come to an end, the king should learn from it, launch skins, remember to listen to players' opinions, improve the game experience, optimize the environment, and bring more benefits.