One month has passed since the battle of King Shu, and the King finally emerged victorious.

2023-09-19 14:09

One month has passed since the battle of King Shu, and the King finally emerged victorious.

Friends who pay attention to the e-sports circle on weekdays should be aware of the wave of withdrawal from the game of Honor of Kings. Because the quality of Real Hertz Yao skin does not match the price, it breaks the point of anger among players. They think that the planners are only focusing on launching skins and letting the game be played. The environment was in bad shape, and I finally became disheartened and switched to "Heroes of Dawn".

A wave of linked benefits can save the sponsor

This phenomenon is not false news that is casually touted on the Internet. There is indeed data to confirm that since the launch of the Real Hertz event, the average download volume of "Heroes of Dawn" has exceeded one million, ranking first on the August mobile game list, and the rest are the same. Types of mobile games, such as "League of Legends", are also experiencing an increase in the number of players. I can only sigh that Honor of Kings will be where it is today. After learning a lesson, I planned to buy it and launched a wave of Hello Kitty linkage activity benefits to appease the fragile hearts of players. Now everything has returned to its original state. After the Asian Games version is launched, the game is even more popular than before.

Dawn hero's efforts are in vain

A month later, we finally face reality. What new society will emerge from the two games that have finished fighting? Heroes of Dawn couldn't hold on to that ray of dawn in the sky after all. I thought I could take this opportunity to generate a wave of traffic and increase the popularity of the game, but I didn't expect the influx of players several times, causing the server to crash. At the beginning, everyone desperately needed a sense of belonging, so they temporarily tolerated the game lag. and login problems. At that time, the game studio also immediately expanded its capacity and increased the server carrying capacity, which was five times more than before.

However, this effort attracted ridicule from King of Kings players, saying that they collapsed on the first day and felt speechless. During the game, they made comparisons from time to time and felt that the impact, feel, special effects and other aspects were not as good as King of Honor. After playing for a while, they sighed, The game is unable to accept players who have retired from the game, and announced its return to that old mobile game.

One month later, they all return to the throne

In order to provide a pure land and show full sincerity, we planned to send out a variety of high-end skins and props to increase the freshness of the game, hoping to appease the King players who were sad to quit the game. Unfortunately, the efforts were not rewarded. Heroes of Dawn rushed in vain. The community The Dawn Rift Valley has only been lively for a month, and it has returned to its former peace. You guessed it right, this battle has been lost, and the player who retired from the game has returned to the canyon.