Persib Called the Termination of Competition Like Simalakama Fruit

2021-01-24 02:21

Persib Called the Termination of Competition Like Simalakama Fruit

This decision will certainly affect all clubs participating in the competition

JAKARTA - The management of PersibBandung believes that the stopping of the 2020 League 1 Indonesia competition is like the fruit of the same thing because two different sides have a big impact on each club.

In the official statement of Persib's management on PSSI's decision on its official website, Thursday (21/1), on the one hand, the club feels relieved about the fate of the competition and no longer wavering in the midst of uncertainty.

On the other hand, the club will also suffer huge losses, especially from a financial standpoint. Because, they have spent a lot of money to undergo the 2020 season competition.

"This decision will definitely affect all clubs as competition participants, not except for Persib. For Persib, the 2020 competition was canceled due to force majeure, the COVID-19 pandemic, like the fruit of simalakama. There are two sides to it," wrote the official statement. Persib.

"The most important thing is that the huge sacrifices made by all parties for Indonesian football so far must not be in vain,"

The team management nicknamed Maung Bandung then asked PSSI and PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) to immediately decide on the closest steps after the termination, including the 2021 season competition.

As in the previous statement, Persib still suggested that the competition be held by following the European calendar, namely in August. That way, all the classic problems in Indonesian football can at least be resolved, including the player transfer market.

While waiting for August, Persib suggested to the federation, operators and all clubs to discuss again to think about other tournament options to fill the time void.

"Because, as a professional football club, Persib lives from football competitions and activities. There needs to be a certainty in the 2021 League schedule and PSSI activates football activities while waiting for the start of the 2021 League competition," wrote the club.

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